LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer

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LESEN 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer

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Description:   LESEN 2000 is an educational software that makes it easy to develop listening, reading and writing skills in German.
31 fun games with hundreds of spoken and written words, puzzles, quizzes, pictures and electronic flashcards provide long-term motivation.
The program is for use in schools and at home.
It is suitable both for children in German-speaking countries and for kids all over the world who are learning German as a foreign language.
LESEN 2000 provides exciting and useful interactive activities for students of all ages, beginners and advanced learners. All exercises are fairly self-explanatory.
Learning is facilitated by carefully selected multimedia elements. Enjoy learning with recordings of native speakers. LESEN 2000 is monolingual and uses the immersion method.
LESEN 2000 runs on any PC with Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. Just start the game - no setup needed.
Order it at www.lesen2000.com or use one of these URLs straight to the online shop:
Boxed version (CD-ROM will be shipped to you by postal service): http://www.shareit.com/product.html?productid=150403&languageid=1
Download version (no costs for shipping and handling): http://www.shareit.com/product.html?productid=208477&languageid=1
If you've got any questions or comments, feel free to contact the author of LESEN 2000:
Otto Mantler, School teacher and developer of educational games, Wiesstr. 13, A-6844 Altach, AUSTRIA, EUROPE, Phone & Fax: +43 5576 77085, E-Mail: info@lernspiele.at and otto.mantler@blackboard.at, Web: www.lernspiele.at and www.lesen2000.com

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